Eric’s FilmQuest Review

By Lightninli – Nov 2019

To Your Last Death is a unicorn of a movie. A gory R-rated 2-D Western animated film. It’s a rowdy romp that uses familiar themes but takes full advantage of the unusual animated medium. It feels like an animated comic book on steroids. <Read More>

Rating: 9.0 out of 10

By Kevin Hoskinson – Nov 2019

A cult classic in the making, To Your Last Death is a really fun movie. It reminded me of something like Repo! The Genetic Opera; unconventional, unique, and a different kind of horror film. It’s something special, something that is genuinely original. It’s a film that you do not want to miss, especially fans of great horror. <Read More>

NFF 2019: Review – A True Family Die-nasty

By Daniel Baldwin – Nov 2019

Now here’s something you don’t see every day: an adult-oriented animated horror film! To Your Last Death is just that and more! The set-up is fairly simple: the estranged children of a cruel and wealthy weapons manufacturer (Ray Wise) have been called in for a family reunion by their father at his office building. <Read More>

FrightFest 2019 Spotlight – Dani Lennon

By gornoblonde

With Dani lending her vocal talents alongside Morena Baccarin, William Shatner, Ray Wise and Bill Moseley, expect her to make waves at this year’s FrightFest. She’s the feisty protagonist Miriam DeKalb in “To Your Last Death” who survives a deadly game concocted by her demented dad.   <Read More>

Best Cinematography (Feature) – To Your Last Death

By Daniel Baldwin – Oct 2019

Nightmares Film Festival 2019 – Daily Report Part III. The final two days of NFF 2019 brought forth loads of films, awards, and discussion… <Read More>

Saw Meets Archer and Awesome

By Adrienne Reese – Oct 2019

From all of the what the f*ck-ness in the trailer I knew I would be in for quite a ride, and the film did not disappoint. This family drama, steeped in blood, is a unique new entry into the animated horror genre thanks in large part to its original narrative, written by Tanya Klein and Jim Cirile, and its art direction and modern animation style from the well-known RPG artist, Carl Frank. <Read More>

An Enjoyable Movie Worth That Ticket and Popcorn!

By GuildMasterGaming – Oct 2019

To Your Last Death was a fun movie. The mixture of horror and science fiction with trappings of tabletop roleplaying presented in 2D animation creates a unique experience. This movie should be an impetus for more work in mature animated movies created in the United States. <Read More>

FilmQuest Fest 2019 Interview with Writer Tanya C. Klein

By Sarah Musnicky – Sept 2019

After screening just a week or so ago at Arrow Video FrightFest, the animated horror film TO YOUR LAST DEATH will be making its way to Provo, Utah to screen at FilmQuest Festival. It’s a film that we’ve described as “a film genre-twist with some great animation that will have any horror or comic book fan happy.” And, we couldn’t recommend it more for genre audiences. <Read More>

Five FrightFest Facts From Tanya Klein & Jim Cirile

By zombie2 – Aug 2019

The Twentieth FrightFest is here so obviously our exclusive interview feature Five FrightFest Facts From… is back with a vengeance. Below we hear from Tanya Klein & Jim Cirile (Writers/Exec Producers) of TO YOUR LAST DEATH. <Read More>

William Shatner Narrates NSFW Trailer for Animated Thriller ‘To Your Last Death’ (Exclusive Video)

By Brian Welk – Aug 2019

Things are about to get bloody. William Shatner narrates the trailer for the new animated film “To Your Last Death,” and his calm and alluring tone of voice will be of just a little comfort for the hyper-violence on display. <Watch Now>

[Review] Style And Substance Found In Animated Film

By John Black – Aug 2019

Has all the elements of a successful genre movie. It looks amazing and has a plot with plenty of believable twists. Even with only four characters, the body count is high (thanks to the way The Gamemaster plays with time) and the kills are both interesting and intense.  <Read More>

Loads Up on Gory Mayhem; Bill Moseley Stars

By John Squires – Aug 2019

In the wake of its recent premiere at UK Frightfest, the animated horror film To Your Last Death is now headed to the Big Apple Film Festival, and The Wrap scored the trailer today. <Read More>

3 reasons why this film is gory, good fun!

By Susan Leighton – Aug 2019

To Your Last Death is an original work that manages to incorporate familiar horror tropes into a distinctly unique story. For those of you that enjoy the animation of Archer, the Saw franchise and The Twilight Zone, then this is the movie for you. <Read More>

'To Your Last Death' is a bloody as hell adrenaline boost

By Matt Konopka – Aug 2019

A message to studios: Make more animated horror films you cowards! I’ve believed we should be getting more animated horror for a long time, but To Your Last Death, which made its world premiere this past weekend at FrightFest 2019, is just another great example of why it needs to happen… <Read More>


By Man v Film – Aug 2019

William Shatner narrates TO YOUR LAST DEATH, the gory animated epic. Luna Wolf is joined by Director Jason Axinn on the red carpet.

To Your Last Death Movie Review

By Man v Film – Aug 2019

To Your Last Death Movie Review | 2019 | Horror | Animation | Frightfest 2019 | Movie Review |

An animated cross between Saw and Groundhogs Day. With terrific style and a blood soaked aesthetic this film is something special.


By She Loves The Night – Aug 2019

I’d recommend To Your Last Death to anyone who is a fan of horror and animation. This is such a strong and unique story that I think it deserves a 10/10 rating. The amount work that went into creating this movie is incredible.  <Read More>

Delivers guts and gore, lends surprising depth to its 2D characters. 4 Stars

By Seam McGeady – Aug 2019

Family functions often go awry, but few end up quite as bloody as that of the DeKalb clan in To Your Last Death, a crowdfunded time travel splatter story billed as the world’s first feature-length animated horror film. <Read More>

I'm hoping this will be the surprise animation hit of 2019 - 4 Stars

By Justin D Williams – Aug 2019

This movie was a very fun and gory ride with a concept and world that I want more of. To Your Last Death is a crowd pleasing animation film. It has some compelling characters, a cool twist, good actors and beautiful animation. You will enjoy the story and world building. <Read More>

To Your Last Death - Arrow Video FrightFest 2019 - 4 Stars

By Paul Chapinal – Aug 2019

… in animation for some reason almost anything goes; the levels of violence and language can be pushed that much further. To Your Last Death is an animation that gleefully exploits that freedom for exploitation though with an intricate storyline driving it. <Read More>

“ over the top bat poop crazy and I loved all of it.”

By Marc Morin – Aug 2019

The animation has that classic 2D look that plays like a comic book come to life which makes the excessive violence even more fun to watch because you’re like this is crazy but it’s just a cartoon. I especially loved the inventive torture traps that could easily have been used in one of the many Saw movies and a lot of the biggest blood splattering moments come from these being put to good use.  <Read More>

Great animation that will have any horror or comic book fan happy.

By Christy Turnipseed – Aug 2019

TO YOUR LAST DEATH is a 2D animated horror film which has hand-drawn hard fighting graphics that grab your attention from the start. With a runtime of just over 90 minutes, it’s a film genre-twist with some great animation that will have any horror or comic book fan happy.  <Read More>

Ambitious and visually impressive piece of work that delivers horror in a way I’ve not seen on the big screen before

By Pip Ellwood-Hughes – Aug 2019

To Your Last Death is a 2D animated horror film and it’s one of the most unique films from this year’s Arrow Video FrightFest line-up. Gorgeously animated, the film has a really strong and striking look that immediately grabs your attention and keeps you interested.  <Read More>

A hyperviolent, twisty cat-and-mouse sci-fi thriller

By AntBit – Aug 2019

This is going to be one crazy film, marrying intra-familial horror to off-planet gambling – and the fact that the film is presented in cartoon form, deploying limited animation techniques reminiscent of the television series Archer, only adds to the anything-goes artifice of it all. <Read More>

One of the Most Amazingly-Realised Animation Films of Recent Years

By John Higgins – Aug 2019

A proper adult graphic treat and one that will be talked about for years to come. Receiving its World Premiere at the London Frightfest 2019, which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, TO YOUR LAST DEATH is a brand-new 2D hand-drawn Animated film that will be of interest to those who loved the likes of AKIRA, Manga and the award-winning PERSEPOLIS. <Read More>

World Premiere at Arrow FrightFest UK on Friday, August 23rd, 2019

By Philip Rogers – Aug 2019

Narrated by STAR TREK icon WILLIAM SHATNER, it’s the animated horror epic of the year! TO YOUR LAST DEATH – a groundbreaking 2-D, American animated horror feature film – the first of its kind, will world premiere at Arrow FRIGHTFEST. <Read More>

A Deeper Look into “To Your Last Death”

By Haley Scully – May 2019

I recently wrote an article about the upcoming animated movie, To Your Last Death. This is a horror film crafted with a mesh of hand-drawn and 2D digital animation techniques. Additionally, it’s helmed by a talented production crew, with Jason Axinn as the director. Jim Cirile and Tanya C. Klein, of Coverage Ink Films, serve as the main writers for it.  <Read More>

"To Tour Last Death" and Animated Horror Film

By Haley Scully – May 2019

I have an everlasting love for the horror genre, and I happen to be quite a fan of animation as well. So when I first heard about the animated horror film, To Your Last Death, I was immediately hooked. Of course, I had to find out more. Scouring the internet and various websites, I found out all I could about this movie. I’d like to share the information I discovered on the upcoming title.  <Read More>

Thomas Otterman Interviews Coverage, Ink Films

By Thomas Otterman – June 2018

Interview on THE HORROR Q&A with guests are TANYA KLEIN and JIM CIRILE, the team from COVERAGE Ink. The team that’s currently working on the finishing touches on the highly anticipated Horror film: To Your Last Death (AKA Malevolent). This horror is high up on my list of films I am eager to watch. I would definitely recommend to all you fans of Horror and Animation, with the direction that the film has taken it’s surely not to disappoint.  <Read More>

Exclusive First-Look Still from Animated Horror

By Debi Moore – June 2016

The animated horror flick To Your Last Death (AKA Malevolent) met its Indiegogo goal and then some, so production is well under way; and we’re pleased to present an exclusive first-look still of what they have cooking. The filmmakers tell us that while it’s not a horror-specific scene, it does capture one of their wonderful “shit hits the fan” moments.  <Read More>

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