World Premiere at Arrow FrightFest UK on Friday, August 23rd, 2019

By Philip Rogers – Aug 2019

Narrated by STAR TREK icon WILLIAM SHATNER, it’s the animated horror epic of the year! TO YOUR LAST DEATH – a groundbreaking 2-D, American animated horror feature film – the first of its kind, will world premiere at Arrow FRIGHTFEST. <Read More>

A Deeper Look into “To Your Last Death”

By Haley Scully – May 2019

I recently wrote an article about the upcoming animated movie, To Your Last Death. This is a horror film crafted with a mesh of hand-drawn and 2D digital animation techniques. Additionally, it’s helmed by a talented production crew, with Jason Axinn as the director. Jim Cirile and Tanya C. Klein, of Coverage Ink Films, serve as the main writers for it.  <Read More>

"To Tour Last Death" and Animated Horror Film

By Haley Scully – May 2019

I have an everlasting love for the horror genre, and I happen to be quite a fan of animation as well. So when I first heard about the animated horror film, To Your Last Death, I was immediately hooked. Of course, I had to find out more. Scouring the internet and various websites, I found out all I could about this movie. I’d like to share the information I discovered on the upcoming title.  <Read More>

Thomas Otterman Interviews Coverage, Ink Films

By Thomas Otterman – June 2018

Interview on THE HORROR Q&A with guests are TANYA KLEIN and JIM CIRILE, the team from COVERAGE Ink. The team that’s currently working on the finishing touches on the highly anticipated Horror film: To Your Last Death (AKA Malevolent). This horror is high up on my list of films I am eager to watch. I would definitely recommend to all you fans of Horror and Animation, with the direction that the film has taken it’s surely not to disappoint.  <Read More>

Exclusive First-Look Still from Animated Horror

By Debi Moore – June 2016

The animated horror flick To Your Last Death (AKA Malevolent) met its Indiegogo goal and then some, so production is well under way; and we’re pleased to present an exclusive first-look still of what they have cooking. The filmmakers tell us that while it’s not a horror-specific scene, it does capture one of their wonderful “shit hits the fan” moments.  <Read More>

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